May 21st 2018

Filippo Taidelli at NAAD

Filippo Taidelli will present the Humanitas University Campus on May 30th at
NAAD, the Master in Neuroscience applied to Architectural Design of IUAV University (Venice),
which investigates connections and relations between architecture/design and the progress in neuroscientific studies, with specific reference to rest homes, hospitals, public open spaces, schools, social housing.
He will also take part to the workshop “People and Design. The shape of the pre-cognitive expectations” on Saturday 26th.

Apr 16th 2018

“CELLS: Healthcare of the future” Opening

“CELLS: Healthcare of the future” Opening and Press conference will take place on April 16th at 14:30.

The installation will be open to visitors:
April 17 – 22, 10.00 to 24.00
April 23 – 27, 10.00 to 22.00
April 28, 10.00 to 18.00
Interni HouseinMotion – Corte dei Bagni, Università degli Studi di Milano -Via Festa del Perdono 7, Milan

In collaboration with: Casalgrande Padana, CoeLux, Universal Selecta S.p.A, Platek – architectural lighting, Unimed, Arper, Rossi Bianchi lighting design and Nicola Ratti sound designer.

Mar 27th 2018

Filippo Taidelli presents “Cells: Healthcare of the future”

Fuorisalone 2018 curated by INTERNI
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Festa del Perdono 7
April 16 – 28, 2018

FTA presents “Cells”, a project that investigates the relationship between technology, health and humanism, a theme that arises from his recent projects in the healthcare field.
Located in Ca’ Granda, Milan’s oldest hospital, within the 15th century courtyard known as the Cortile dei Bagni (Bathing Courtyard), the installation reflects upon the growing impact of technology in diagnosis, healthcare and assistance, while also underling a dialectical relationship between them.

Mar 6th 2018

FTA at MIPIM 2018

Next week FTA will be in Cannes,France, for MIPIM 2018 – the world’s leading property market.
MIPIM gathers the most influential international property players from the office, residential, retail, healthcare, sport, logistics and industrial sectors for 4 days of networking, learning and transaction.

Feb 26th 2018

Filippo Taidelli and Manerba Envolving Office

At Manerba Evolving Office’s exhibition (La Triennale di Milano), Filippo Taidelli talks about artificial light, remotization of health, artificial intelligence and how they have changed our lives and healthcare.
Follow the link to watch the interview: Manerba #PILLS – Filippo Taidelli Architetto

Dec 19th 2017

Special Mention at Sustainability Award 2017

During the “BioArchitecture & Ambient Assisted Living Week 2017“, in Rocca di Vignola (Modena) on December 1st took place the award ceremony of “Sustainability Award 2017”, the national prize dedicated to Green Architecture and Energy Efficency.
FTA won a Special Mention for its Humanitas University Campus project in the “ex-novo” category.

Nov 27th 2017

HU Campus: interview

Filippo Taidelli talks about the HU Campus for ArchiEnergy Project promoted by Viessmann. Here’s the story of how the Campus was conceived: sustainability is the key-word at the base of the project.

Nov 14th 2017

Opening Campus

With the opening of the academic year 2017/2018, on November 14th it was officially inaugurated the new Humanitas University Campus in Rozzano in the presence of President Sergio Mattarella and Undersecretary to the Presidency of the Council of Ministers Maria Elena Boschi

Sep 15th 2017

FTA in Il Sole 24 Ore

“Functionality in first place”: a new article in Il Sole 24 Ore by Paola Pierotti discusses FTA’s approach and recent works.

Jul 10th 2017

New Student House

New construction works have just begun in Rozzano: it’s the Humanitas University Student House, a student residence inside the new Campus, which will be ready in Summer 2018.

Jun 19th 2017

Vote now!

FTA takes part in the international prize for sustainable architecture “Green Solutions Awards” by Construction21, with projects new Humanitas University Campus in Rozzano and Zenale Building in Milan.
Register and vote your favourite! Contest is open until September 5, 2017.

May 3rd 2017

Visit Zenale Building: Open House Milano 2017

Zenale Bulding opens its doors to visitors exclusively for Open House Milano 2017, an extraordinary weekend dedicated to the most beautiful architectures and hidden treasures of Milan. On May 13th and 14th some of Milan’s most interesting buildings will be open to visits and guided tours: check out the whole program and book your access to Zenale Building!

Mar 22nd 2017

Humanitas University Campus on “Edilizia e Territorio”

An article by Mariagrazia Barletta in Edilizia e Territorio (IlSole24Ore) focuses on architectural projects concerning Universities in Italy and includes a comment by Filippo Taidelli about its project for the Humanitas University Campus:

Edilizia e Territorio

Feb 20th 2017

Filippo Taidelli at Richmond Energy Business Forum

Filippo Taidelli will take part as a lecturer in Richmond Energy Business Forum 2017 – Artimino (Prato), March 27th-28th.
His conference “Urban retrofit” will concern sustainable architecture and renovation of historical buildings.

Jan 19th 2017

FTA’s projects 2017 on Il Sole 24 Ore

On Il Sole 24 Ore (n.18 a.153), two projects by FTA within 2017’s most important architectural projects in Italy:
Tenova Headquarter in Castellanza (Varese) is expected to be completed in the forthcoming months, while Humanitas University Campus (Rozzano, Milan) will welcome its Medicine students for academic year 2017/2018
Il Sole 24 Ore-CASA 24

Jan 18th 2017

Calusca Apartment on Villegiardini

The whole “Interiors” section of VILLEGIARDINI magazine-January 2017 is dedicated to Calusca Apartment, one of Milan’s “hidden treasures” and a project by FTA.

Dec 16th 2016

Exhibition at SPAZIO FMG Per L’Architettura

FTA takes part to “CONTROCAMPO – Gli architetti italiani ci mettono la faccia”, an exhibition created by SPAZIO FMG Per L’Architettura for its 10th birthday. Instead of asking for projects and reports, curators Luca Molinari and Alessandro Benetti have asked the main characters of italian contemporary architecture to litterally show their faces.
Exhibition is open until february 17th at SPAZIO FMG Per L’Architettura.
Further info:

Nov 16th 2016

Designbest interview

Filippo Taidelli talks about his project for Calusca Apartment on Designbest magazine

Oct 26th 2016

Tenova Masterplan

Work proceeds in Castellanza for the new campus, with 12,000 sqm of greenery.

Oct 19th 2016

HU under construction

A bird-eye view of the new Humanitas University Campus – Work in progress

Sep 26th 2016

Old granary

Designbest talks about the renovation of an old granary in Milan

Jun 24th 2016

New Campus in Castellanza

Tenova is moving its main headquarters to Castellanza (Varese), to a new and modern corporate campus.

May 16th 2016

Michelangelo Pistoletto at Art House

Michelangelo Pistoletto holds a conference and visits the Adrian Paci’s Art House in Scutari with photographer Andrea Martiradonna and Filippo Taidelli.

Jan 15th 2016

Humanitas University Campus – Under construction

Structural works started at Humanitas University Campus for the main university building and the polyfunctional building.

Dec 16th 2015

Conference at Epoka University

Filippo Taidelli will hold the conference ” Urban Retrofit ” at Epoka University, Tirana

Nov 30th 2015

Tenova Castellanza Headquarter under construction

Nov 25th 2015

Humanitas University Academic Year 2016-17 opening

FTA’S project for the Humanitas University Campus published in “Corriere della sera”

Nov 17th 2015

Milan Architecture, the City and Expo

Humanitas Holding Office is part of the new book “Milan Architecture /The city and Expo” edited by Skira.

Sep 9th 2015

Plea conference in Bologna

FTA is now part of the PLEA sustainable architecture and urban design technical comitee. The 31st International PLEA Conference will be held in Bologna on September 9th-11th, 2015

Jul 15th 2015

ICH – Atlas of European Architecture

Humanitas Holding Office is part of the new book “Atlas of European Architecture” edited by Braun Publishing AG.

Feb 15th 2015

Humanitas University Campus- conclusion of preliminary phase

Delivery of the preliminary design project, beginning of the executive phase of the project, the campus will open in April 2017.

Feb 1st 2015

Pomini office building- structural phase completed

Dec 11th 2014

Sustainable architecture: first prize

First place in the 3rd edition of national prize “Sustainable Architecture: technical innovation and formal quality” organized by Order of Architects of Monza and Brianza will be given to Filippo Taidelli for the Zenale building renovation. This prize marks the fifth award given to FTA’s Zenale project.

Nov 12th 2014

Exhibition in Tirana, Albania

FTA will participate in the exhibition Interpretation of the urban and architectonic space of the structural axis in Tirana, that will take place on 12-13.12.2014 in Tirana, Albania. The exhibition will open with a conference in which the lead architect Vincenzo Cuozzo will present the project.

Sep 1st 2014

Pomini Headquarter under construction

Structural works started at Pomini Tenova for the new office buildings.

Jul 4th 2014

La Tomate Caffè opening

La Tomate Caffè has its grand opening Saturday on the 4th of July.

Jan 23rd 2014

Filippo Taidelli conference at LAC Brescia

Filippo Taidelli will hold a conference presentig the FTA works at LAC Brescia – Chiostro San Giovanni Evangelista, Contrada San Giovanni 12, Brescia

Oct 13th 2013

Photography exhibition opening at Martini Light

“60 famous architects by 60 famous photographers” photo exhibition, organized in collaboration with the foundation Forma at Showroom Martini Light – Foro Buonaparte, 60 on 8th of October.

Sep 15th 2011

Beijing Workshop at Tsinghua University

Workshop on the transformation of typical oil tanks in a multifunctional complex for exhibitions and student residence, surrounded by a public green area

Jan 2nd 2010

Saie 2009 Awards 1st Prize

The ecohouse project in Curno (BG) by FTA and Oneoffice has been awarded with the 1st prize in the ‘concrete’ category. The winning projects will be invited in Bologna at the SAIE exhibition to present their projects in a special seminar chaired by architect Cucinella. The project will be shown in the special exhibition ‘Cuore Mostra SAIE 2009’ in the framework of the SAIE International Building Exhibition.

Oct 6th 2009

Ala Led Lamp Fontanaarte – Forum Session

ALA energy-saving led lamp commissioned by FontanaArte will be presented by Filippo Taidelli at the forum session SP2 – Energetic Efficiency during the national congress on sustainable architecture, “Bioedilizia Italia 2009”

Oct 6th 2009

New Training Center Inter F.C. – Poster Session

FTA’s project for the new training center Internazionale F.C. A. Moratti in Appiano Gentile (CO) has been selected for the poster session during the national congress on sustainable architecture “Bioedilizia Italia 2009”

Jul 7th 2009

Ala Led Lamp at Triennale di Milano With ‘Nuovi Materiali & Imprese’

From July 8TH to September 30TH ALA led lamp will be shown at the MCM space in Milan’s Triennale. ALA is among a handful of products presented in “NUOVI MATERIALI & IMPRESE”. This project and exhibition, realized in collaboration with Milan’s CCIAA and MC Milano, is aimed at promoting the use of innovative materials among a broad range of companies.The exhibition illustrates the innovative processes utilized by the selected participants, presenting sketches, prototypes and final products.

Apr 21st 2009

Ala Led Lamp – Euroluce 2009

ALA led lamp, designed by Filippo Taidelli, is part of the 2009 FontanaArte Lamp Collection at the lighting fair Euroluce staged from April 22nd to 27th. ALA presents an innovative solution in functions and use of low consumption high performance light source.

Nov 13th 2008

Inter Sporting Center – Selected Project ‘Architecture And Energy’

Selected project Inter Sporting Center – Appiano Gentile (Co) 2008 for the convention “Architecture and Energy: towards a conscious design” – Poster Session ‘Realizations in Lombardy: interventions review in Lombardy’.